2024 Gemini Boat Races event, Saturday 30 March

Dear Light Blues,

The day of the Boat Races is approaching. For those not attending the event in person, we will once again be hosting a Boat Race event and Quiz together with our friends from the Oxford Society to cheer along our respective teams.

The races are taking place on 30 March 2024 – on Saturday not on Sunday and before the clocks change! The women’s race is set to start at 15h46 Luxembourg time, with the men’s race scheduled for a 16h46 start.

As it was so well received last year, and to keep up the competitive spirit, in-between the women’s and men’s races we will again be engaging you in a quiz.

Laurent will very kindly be hosting this event again at his house at 24 route d’Esch, L-1470 Luxembourg.

You are welcome to arrive from 14h30 onwards and bring your family and your children: there is plenty of space for children to play in the garden if the weather permits, or play inside if it doesn’t. The coverage of the races starts at 15h00 Luxembourg time.

We will be bringing along a few nibbles and some beverages. If you wish you are welcome to bring along any (home-made) cakes.

If you are interested in signing up, please email Laurent and Rakesh (lafrideres@cantab.net and rakeshbhana@cantab.net).

For more info on the races see: https://www.theboatrace.org/

With best wishes,

Laurent, John & Rakesh 

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