Student-Alumni Dinner, 17 December, 2019

Since 2016 the Society has organised in December a dinner where current students from Luxembourg studying at the University of Cambridge can meet and chat with alumni members of the Society. It is a convivial way for Cantabrigians old and new to share their experiences. The students are the guests of the alumni.

The latest event was held at the Novotel Kirchberg on 17 December, 2019. The evening began as in previous years with short presentations of their research by the students, while aperatifs were served. This year Veronica Welch gave a most interesting talk about aspects of female railway travel in America and the UK, while Eric Belche, another MPhil student, spoke about his research in the the area of political philosophy, focusing on aspects of justice and equality.

Following this entertaining intellectual stimulation, we all moved to the tables to enjoy the copious cold and hot buffet provided by the kitchens of the Novotel. Excellent! Although our numbers were less than we had anticipated, especially on the side of the alumni, the buzz of conversation indicated that everyone was enjoying themselves.

We then all headed off into the night, agreeing that we should arrange another such gathering in 2020!!

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